gigi (ambulence_y) wrote in alluremecrazy,

i'll allure you crazy baby

001. Name?: gigi
002. Age (13+): 18
003. Location: southern california
004. Ethnic Background: mexican
005. Sexual Preference: straight
006. Some things you REALLY dislike? i hate the word jiggle...ugh! and big crowds of people
007. Describe yourself in 5 words (3 positive and 2 negative): positive= friendly, kind, giving. negative= picky, moody
008. Why are you alluring?: i honestly don't know haha. people say i have a good sense of humor so i guess thats what does it
009. What are some of your goals in life/ career plans? i want to get a phd in criminal psychology. i want to get married to the love of my life and have a successful career
010. What do you do in your spare time (extracurricular activities)? i like to read, watch cartoons, hang out with my best friend or my boyfriend.
011. What are your views on sex? i believe sex is something you should share with someone you love. if you don't want to wait until marriage, you shouldn't be crucified for it. sex is a choice. just do it safely
012. Do you drink and/or smoke? If not, tell us your views on underage drinking/smoking. i used to smoke but i quit. it was beginning to fuck up my teeth so i stoped once i noticed. drinking has never been a big thing for me either. but i think underage drinking is ok in moderation. as long as you don't drive and you trust the people around you, then have fun. just be careful
013. Do you use words like "gay" or "retarded" when referring to something that is niether gay or retarded? If not, what do you think about people who use politically incorrect words in that context? i don't use those words because i have a lot of family that is gay and i've taken care of people with disabilities. i don't know why people would use them out of context, but i don't agree with it
014. What is one thing you cherish the most?(please refrain from superficial/materialistic examples) my family, my friends, and my boyfriend. they all care about me so much and always look out for my best interest. i love them
015. What are some of your worries/concerns? my parent's health. my daddy has diabetes and my mommy has rumathoid arthritis...i always want them to be ok and away from pain
016. Please promote us to 1 person/place, and show us the evidence :D:
017. How did you find us? (put the person who invited you): i found you through _abeautysgrave_
018. Do you like our layout? What celebrity would you recommend for a future layout? i love ms. knightly! she's gorgeous. i would reccomend angelina jolie. i would go gay for her.
019. The fun part, please post 003 or more pictures in which we can clearly see your beautiful and alluring face:

i had an itch on my lip but it was too late to scratch it haha
Take the alluremecrazy oath: repeat after me...
I (insert name) PROMISE to stay active in this community until I leave teehee: "i, gigi, promise to stay active in this community until i leave♥"
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