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MOD// I've got something for yah..

Helloooo dumplings.
I hope all is well in everyones lives, mine is just dandy now that summer has come!!! It totally rocks my face off!! Seems I'm moving across the province in about a week and I have yet to pack.. but thats totally A.O.K!
It sucks that this community has died so much.. but oh well. it was totally fun while it lasted anyways. Feel free to add me if ya wanna! Just comment and lemme know kay hah.
Totally unrelated to the community, but just for the hell of it- how many of you would be interested in a free layout? I'm not talking like amazing stuff, I don't really make impressive graphics per say, but I can crop and mess with colours and make stuff look pretty.. at least I like to think so! But if I were to offer, would any of you want one? You would have to provide all pictures involved, just a heads up, and probably text images.. well maybe, we'll see. Umm. Yeah so lemme know.

Well, thats all for now. I hope everyone's doing alright!

mon mon.
mon mon.
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