Emilee Lynn (emilee_lynn_) wrote in alluremecrazy,
Emilee Lynn

"I'll allure you crazy baby"

001. Name?: Emilee Lynn

002. Age (13+):16

003. Location: Arizona

004. Ethnic Background: French, Italian, and American

005. Sexual Preference: Straight

006. Some things you REALLY dislike? Morning breath, when people believe they are better than someone else, the word “retard“, No sense of compassion, and pre-judgments.

007. Describe yourself in 5 words (3 positive and 2 negative): Obsessive, a perfectionist, optimistic, quirky, and fun

008. Why are you alluring?: Because I believe I hold a sort of mystery to those who meet me. ;)

009. What are some of your goals in life/ career plans?: As cliché as it is… to fall in love, get married, buy a house, start a family… the whole nine yards on that one. But I mostly want to be happy and life and to follow my dreams. (I want to start a fashion house and be a petite model!)

010. What do you do in your spare time (extracurricular activities)?: I dance. ( I love ballet and Jazz). I cheer. I run around like a goof ball! (lol). I love to read and just chill and listen to music.

011. What are your views on sex?: I believe sex is a very positive thing and people are always relating negative stereotypes or beliefs to sex. I believe in having sex with someone you love, whether that be with your husband or the first person you fall in love. It‘s your prerogative

012. Do you drink and/or smoke? (If not, tell us your views on underage drinking/smoking.): I don‘t smoke, I don‘t drink either, but I have tried both. I‘m just not into it. The one main issue I have with underage drinking and smoking is that it IS illegal

013. Do you use words like "gay" or "retarded" when referring to something that is niether gay or retarded? If not, what do you think about people who use politically incorrect words in that context?: No. I feel it‘s extremely rude and associates a negative vibe with people who are “gay” or “mentally retarded”. I‘m certainly not going to flip out on people who use these terms inappropriately, but I will voice my opinion about it. Whether they choose to listen or not is up to them.

014. What is one thing you cherish the most?(please refrain from superficial/materialistic examples): Hope for the future. This is sometimes SO hard to come by when life is not going your way… but it‘s what keeps me going. Knowing that there is something out there waiting for me, knowing that tomorrow can and will be a better day, and knowing that what I do today does mean something in the end is definitely something worth cherishing.

015. What are some of your worries/concerns?: That I‘ll die a virgin! Lol I don’t know if I’m ever going to find that one person I want to share my most intimate self with. I also worry that I’m going to fail when I strive to achieve my goals and that I’ll just be stuck in this huge hole of nothingness and failure. AHH!

016. Please promote us to 1 person/place, and show us the evidence :D: http://www.livejournal.com/community/lovely/10628.html?view=139908#t139908

017. How did you find us? (put the person who invited you): I randomly found this community

018. Do you like our layout? What celebrity would you recommend for a future layout?: yes. I thin Keira Knightly is beautiful. I would also LOVE to see a layout featuring like… Kate Moss, or Gwen Stefani.

019. The fun part, please post 003 or more pictures in which we can clearly see your beautiful and alluring face: (I'm sorry if these are HUGE! )

Take the alluremecrazy oath: repeat after me....
I (insert name here) PROMISE to stay active in this community until I leave. (teehee):

I Emilee Lynn PROMISE to stay active in this community until I leave


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