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can you allure us crazy?

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def- allure. noun the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating

these graphics were made by us for us, please do not steal


001. Please post within 24 hours of joining
002. put EVERYTHING under an LJ-Cut.
003. Post 3 or more clear pictures of YOUR FACE along with the application, if members suspect that you are a fake, they are completely entitled to ask for a proof picture.
004. I cannot stress this enough!! No voting or commenting until you are STAMPED (ie either one of the mods accepts/rejects you)--
005. If you get a no, please dont give our members attitude, please, if you can't take it, don't apply.
006. We're not like every other rating community, we understand that there is more than one type of beauty (check the definition), so dont be a wuss and go ahead and APPLY!
007. If you are rejected, you may try again with new pics after 2 days.
008. Don't be rude to our members, dont pick fights. Any complaints come STRAIGHT TO US. Please save us the drama for your momma.
009. Please put the following in the subject line: "I'll allure you crazy baby"
010. When applying, please put some thought into the application and have some fun! we like people with attitudes and personality, and we're 10 times more likely to pick you if you show some originality and spunk. Remember the application is there for a reason, not just to look pretty. (in a nutshell : give us something interesting to read!)


001. Stamped members please put the subject "Stamped" in your posts, and please, try to post at least once in two weeks so we know you're alive.
002. MUTUAL PROMOTIONS ONLY! this means, you need to promote us to the community you promote here, and paste the link of our promo in your post! if you do not, your promotion will be deleted
003. If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, post a message to let us know that you won't be voting, so you don't get kicked out.
004. When voting, consider the application as much as you can--we're not a bitchy, shallow rating community--we like people with depth.
005. Vote with a simple yes or no in the subject line, it makes the votes easier to count. don't be rude pleease.. honest not harsh.
006. Keep us all updated! no one likes a community with inactive members.
007. Check out the results of the first alluremecrazy awards as well as the second mini-awards.
008. use our banners to promote us (in addition to the ones at the bottom of the page). if you want more, find them here.
009. THEME: Post baby pictures! Possible mini-awards if enough members participate. Deadline: TBA

001. Name?:
002. Age (13+):
003. Location:
004. Ethnic Background:
005. Sexual Preference:
006. Some things you REALLY dislike?
007. Describe yourself in 5 words (3 positive and 2 negative):
008. Why are you alluring?:
009. What are some of your goals in life/ career plans?
010. What do you do in your spare time (extracurricular activities)?
011. What are your views on sex?
012. Do you drink and/or smoke? If not, tell us your views on underage drinking/smoking.
013. Do you use words like "gay" or "retarded" when referring to something that is niether gay or retarded? If not, what do you think about people who use politically incorrect words in that context?
014. What is one thing you cherish the most? (please refrain from superficial/materialistic examples)
015. What are some of your worries/concerns?
016. Please promote us to 1 person/place, and show us the evidence :D:
017. How did you find us? (put the person who invited you):
018. Do you like our layout? What celebrity would you recommend for a future layout?
019. The fun part, please post 003 or more pictures in which we can clearly see your beautiful and alluring face:
Take the alluremecrazy oath: repeat after me...
I (insert name) PROMISE to stay active in this community until I leave teehee:

copy this code and paste it in your application(it has all the questions) to make it easier if you are using this, DO NOT use rich text mode, use normal mode or the HTML will show up:

[If members have any ideas for the application, email us at alluremecrazy@crazysexycool.com]


Mod= killerqueenx12

Mod= mofo_kissed

lots more here

[please take and use promotion banners to whore us!!]

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Interested? contact us! email us at sunshine3421@aol.com or leave a comment in one of the Mod's journals.

original founders of alluremecrazy x0icepookie0x (yan) and roshnita (roshni)